State program offers free digitization of VHS tapes at Edinburg museum

By: Dianté Marigny

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If you have any home movies saved on VHS tapes, you can get them digitized for free.

The Texas Film Round-up program will be in Edinburg Sunday at the Museum of South Texas History. 

"If you have any of these things in your closets, any Texas-made cinema that includes home movies, bring them by so we can get them digitized for you," Co-founder of Entre Film Center and Regional Archive C. Diaz said.

Their mission is to share and preserve the voice of border communities, and they invited a state program to offer free digitization services, and it's not just v-h-s tapes, but any analog films.

"We also accept mini DV tapes and VHS-C and high eight tapes," Diaz said. "Then we also are accepting super eight reels and 16 millimeter film reels."

The round-up will be at the museum picking up materials. For more information, click here.

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