UTRGV provides tips for high school students getting ready for college

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The class of 2022 is getting ready to graduate high school.

For some of those students, the thought of college and the high costs associated with it can be stressful.

However, there are several options for high school students to start applying and preparing for college.

According to first UTRGV outreach Manager Jesus Buitron, students should look at what universities they want to attend and take a tour of it. Students can also submit an application online and apply for financial aid.

“Maybe they think they aren't going to qualify for financial aid, but as institutions, we actually have pockets of money to help students and get an education,” Buitron said.

UTRGV has a tuition advantage program for students whose household has an income of $125,000 or less.

Buitron also said he recommends students make time to apply for scholarships or grants.


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