Valley EMS Discuss Ways to Prevent Hot Car Incidents

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MCALLEN – A one-year-old boy was found inside a car in a McAllen parking lot.

Rosa Isela Garza, 38, was arraigned Tuesday; her bond was set at $1,500.

McAllen police say the boy was rushed to the hospital just before 4:30 p.m. on Monday.

The operations director for Hidalgo County South Texas EMS, Martin Garcia, says the inside of a car can heat up faster than people think.

"In as little as 10 minutes the temperature can be over 20 degrees hotter than outside within 10 minutes of the car being turned off and with AC off; so it can heat up real quick," says Garcia

It’s not known how long the boy was inside the car, but police tell us he's going to be okay.

Alyssa Camacho is a mother of five.  

She says she always leaves items in the backseat with her kids, so she doesn’t forget about them.

"I let them use the phone and they use the YouTube, they watch it and then I know okay my phone, my purse those are the main things that I know I took to the store and then my kids of course," says Camacho.

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