Valley Health Officials Cracking Down on Street Vendors Illegally Selling Homemade Food

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HARLINGEN – Officials are sending out a warning the public about homemade products bought off the street could put your health at risk.

Buying homemade products is not only a health risk, but it’s also illegal under the Cottage Food Law. It’s been in place since 2013 and it says selling food, such as tamales and brisket plates, cooked at home are illegal.

Roadside vendors get inspected often, but if they’re only selling produce, they’re allowed to stay open.

Under the law, food made from a home may not sell to customers potentially hazardous foods.

“That's where the dangers are, people have died in the past. We want to make sure that people are aware of the consequences that getting a product outside of the required temperatures, and not just the required temperatures. We don't know the conditions it was prepared under,” said Josh Ramirez, the health director of Harlingen.

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