Valley Woman Seeks Help to Obtain Husband's Death Certificate

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MISSION - A grieving Rio Grande Valley woman is looking for help after not receiving a proper death certificate nearly eight months after her husband’s death.

Avis Hedin says dealing with multiple mistakes on his death certificate make the grieving process even more difficult.

Avis paid Elizondo Mortuary and Cremation Service in Mission for 20 copies of her husband's death certificate.

"…My kids noticed ‘hey mom they got his dad as his mother and his mother as his dad’," says Avis.

Avis called the mortuary and told them about the mistake; she says they told her they would submit an amendment.

She says the amended death certificate changed the names correctly, but then got the death date incorrect.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS went to Elizondo Mortuary and Cremation Service and spoke to the director Carolina Elizonda.

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