'We’re here to show support': Community of Uvalde in mourning

By: Christian von Preysing

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On Sunday, the community of Uvalde continued to mourn the 21 lives lost in the deadly shooting at Robb Elementary School. 

Texans from out of town came to the city to support family, pay respects and reflect. 

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“I realized now more than ever how important it is to protect our children,” said Rebecca Hull, a new mother who traveled from San Antonio to pay her respects.

Hull said she felt compelled to be in Uvalde on Sunday. 

"Because there’s a problem in the country and we really need to face it. I don’t know how many times does has to happen before real action and reform happens,” Hull said.

This moment, and what happens from here, is meaningful for Hull, and the future of her four-year-old daughter, Sapphire.

“We’ve been having trouble finding formula for her, but when she gets older and as she grows up, I want to make sure that she’s safe in public places,” Hull said.

The developments this week and after this will stay with parents like Hull. The questions of response time, access to firearms, mental health and family values are all on people’s minds here.

“You see kids now, you see them differently," said Robert Gonzalez. "It’s sad to see the story of how it went down."

At a memorial in front of a childcare center, 21 small chairs represent the 21 victims who lost their life.

Ruth Ferani was one of many bringing something to pay their respects.

“It’s really hard times and I can’t imagine what the parents and loved ones are going through, but we’re here to show support,” Ferani said. 


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