Weslaco Man Seeks Refund for Car that Broke Down Soon after Purchase

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WESLACO – A Weslaco man is seeking answers after placing a down payment on a vehicle that broke down two weeks later; the car lot company refuses to work with him.

Albert Sanchez says he wanted a smaller car to save money on gas; the weekly cost of filling his tank prompted him to a rushed-purchase.

Sanchez says the car started giving him problems so soon he wanted to return it.

“I would just like the money I put towards that vehicle back because if I’m not going to have that vehicle I don’t think it’s right for him to keep the money," he says.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke to Texas Country Motors about the situation.

The manager tells us he has every right to keep both the down payment and the car due to the contract.

Sanchez has 11 days to find someone else to finance the vehicle or the lot will be able to put it back up for sale.

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