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CON MI GENTE: Turkey giveaway

Posted 12:22 PM 12/3/2020 by Rick Diaz

For the past 20 years, Darren Caraveo and his brothers have been feeding the less fortune through their turkey giveaways. 

"I got started with one turkey in my apartment," Caraveo said. "What we're trying to do is grow it and get other people at other locations to do it as well."


CON MI GENTE: The Tamalada Ladies

Posted 8:04 AM 12/1/2020 by Rick Diaz

The coronavirus pandemic stopped many Rio Grande Valley families from gathering during the holiday season.

Tamaladas were no exception.

In Brownsville, where the Tamalada Ladies have gathered for 71 years to make tamales together, the pandemic didn't stop the tradition — but (More)

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