AEP: Misty conditions contributed to power loss across the Valley

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Thousands of Rio Grande Valley residents were without power over the weekend due to the weather change.

The damage that happened Sunday knocked out power to at least 12,000 homes. A lot of people reported they were without power for several hours.

AEP said the misty conditions over the weekend caused the damage. They said the past few weeks and months of dry conditions caused a lot of dust and debris to build up on a part of the power line system called the insulators.

They said the mist in the air made it easier for electric currents to jump from one point to another, jumping around the insulators. All that together caused fire on top of some of these poles. 

"And then when it would get just enough mist like we had yesterday, the electricity will track over the insulators and catch the polls or cross arms on fire. So what we were dealing with yesterday were some pole top and cross arm fires," AEP Spokesperson Lee Jones said.

AEP also said loud noises heard yesterday would've been fuses that were triggered intentionally to interrupt the connections because of the damage.

They said the dirt buildup on the insulators should have been clean by the steady rain much of the area received. As of now, crews are still working in certain areas to bring everything back to normal.

Watch the video above for the full story.

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