19 States File Lawsuit Against Government Over Flores Settlement Agreement

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WESLACO – A lawsuit was filed just days after announcing changes to the detention of migrant families.

More than a dozen states are now suing the government to prevent those changes from taking effect.

Nineteen states are now suing the government over its effort to change how migrant families are detained.

The rule the feds want to change is known as the Flores Settlement Agreement.

It requires U.S. officials to remove migrant children from non-licensed facilities within 20 days. 

After that, children are supposed to go to their parents, other family members or licensed programs in the U.S.

In the changes announced last week, the feds want to remove court oversight and allow families to be held in detention longer than 20 days.

This is the first legal challenge to the proposal.

Texas is not among the 19 states suing.

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