2 Arrests, 1 Dead in Failed Smuggling Attempt

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LA GRULLA – Border Patrol said two suspects are facing charges for smuggling Mexican citizens into the U.S.

Daniel Salinas and Mark Anthony Salinas were apprehended last week during a failed smuggling attempt in La Grulla. One of the people they attempted to smuggle died from his injuries after a pickup truck crashed into a tree.

Last week, Daniel Salinas refused to stop after being signaled by La Grulla police. His vehicle hit a tree during the pursuit and fled on foot. Two Mexican nationals inside the truck also ran away.

Border Patrol agents observed Salinas get into another truck driven by his brother, Mark Anthony Salinas. They chased the duo towards the Rio Grande and later detained them.

Agents located three more Mexicans citizens by the scene of the accident. One of them was taken to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Border Patrol said this isn’t the first incident where people who cross the border illegally die at the mercy of their smugglers.

Last week, Galindo Jose Ruiz Hernandez was found guilty of helping smuggle a woman through the Brownsville ship channel. The woman died after she was hit by a U.S. Coast Guard boat.

Investigators said Ruiz was guiding Patricia Guadalupe Cervantes through the ship channel at the time.

Authorities said Daniel and Mark Salinas will remain in federal custody pending their hearing. 


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