3 Members of Tamaulipas Family Killed near Reynosa

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NEAR REYNOSA – A family from Mexico fell victim to a violent attack. They were gunned down right across the U.S. border.

It happened in the outskirts of Reynosa, just 20 miles south of the McAllen-Hidalgo port of entry. It’s a place known as Plan de Alazan.

According to a source from the state attorney’s office, it happened along a dirt road near the area.

A family of at least seven people was traveling in a pickup truck on the road Saturday night. As they were driving, a group of assailants opened fire.

One of the victims called an emergency number. State police responded and helped transfer the victims to the hospital.

Three died and four suffered injuries.

Tamaulipas state police are investigating whether the crime has ties to another violent confrontation between police and organized crime, where a suspected criminal died.

The family is believed to be from Tamaulipas.

The incident comes just a few weeks after another family was killed in the western state of Sonora earlier this month.


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