Bluetown Man Frustrated Thieves Struck Again Stealing His Fence

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BLUETOWN – Thieves strike again, now a Bluetown man is taking matters into his own hands.

Robert Martinez owns a piece of land just off Military Highway in Bluetown.

There isn't much on the property but Martinez has beefed up security to protect what's left.

"When I went over there to open the gate to cut the grass the gate fell by itself," said Martinez.

Martinez found pieces of his fence, the barrier protecting his property, completely gone.

A sight similar to last year, "I couldn't even believe it myself," said Martinez.

Last spring, CHANNEL 5 NEWS reported how Martinez went through the same thing on his land, but last time they took more than just part of the fence. They also took metal pipes he kept on the property.

Martinez said he couldn't think of any reason to steal a fence other than to sell the metal scraps.

One of the things Martinez is doing differently this time around is adding chains across his property making it more difficult to get inside.

He also added more lights to keep the area well-lit at night.

He isn't the only one targeted; a few weeks ago Martinez says his neighbor’s property was also hit by thieves.

"No trailer, no nothing. They took everything," he said.

Martinez says he doesn't care if he gets his fence back; he just wants his property to feel safer.

Precinct 5 Constable Eddie Solis said they have about two deputies paroling their entire precinct during a shift.

He said they regularly work the with Cameron County Sheriff's Office to patrol areas they cannot get to.

Solis urges people who want more patrols in their area to call 956-427-8052.


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