Border Wall Plans Clarified After Release of New Map

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ALAMO – A new map was released and it calls the government’s promises into question.

Last year, government planners agreed not to build a border wall within the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge after a big outcry.

On Tuesday, they clarified what they're doing and assured they're sticking to that promise.

Some hikers, photographers and outdoor enthusiasts are concerned about a recently released map from the government.

It shows a border wall is planned right up to the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge, including natural protective areas.

A total of seven tenths of a mile of wall is planned around the park, but the government says there's more to it.

In response to our request for more information, they say the area on the eastside is privately owned and will be acquired before construction.

They say the area on the westside is not actually part of the refuge.

It's owned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The same agency that owns the refuge, but they say the refuge itself will not be affected.

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