Brownsville ISD prepares to boost school safety measures

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Brownsville ISD is ready to enhance its security measures after a mass shooting left 21 people dead in Uvalde. 

The district is ready to meet whatever safety measures are needed, but says they'll need more state support to do it.

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"The only place that you think you would be safe is a school," high school Donna teacher and parent Angel Ortiz said. "Yet all these shootings and massacres are happening very frequently." 

Ortiz is getting ready to send his three-year-old daughter to school next year but has many major concerns.

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One of the requests by Gov. Abbott is for the Texas School Safety Center to begin comprehensive school safety reviews to make sure all public schools are following safety procedures.

School security authorities working with the Texas School Safety Center should do random, unannounced intruder detection audits to see how quickly those officials can get into the school without being detected, according to Gov. Abbot. 

"Hopefully these audits that Abbott has asked to do randomly throughout the state will be beneficial in terms of how they can make us better and have safer schools," Brownsville ISD Superintendent Rene Gutierrez said. 

Gutierrez believes their buildings are secure, but if there are additional requirements from the state - the district will look to the state for help to pay for the upgrades.


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