Brownsville ISD Votes to Close 3 Schools in Meeting

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BROWNSVILLE – The Brownsville Independent School District voted to close three of their schools Thursday.

The Brownsville Board of Trustee’s decision to close down Resaca, Victoria Heights and Longoria Elementary brought some students to tears.

"I'm asking you to please, please save my school and don't close it down," says one of the students.

The board says their decision to close the schools makes fiscal sense; some parents argue it shouldn’t be about the money.

The board guaranteed all students will be provided with transportation to their new schools and all staff will keep their jobs.

"We will no longer be part of BISD. We will go to HISD where they actually care for their students," says one parent.

Now parents are faced with the choice to make the transition, switch to a closer charter school, or look at other districts.

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