Campus Police to Comply with Senate Bill 4 Changes

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EDINBURG – The changes for the Senate Bill 4 signed by Governor Greg Abbott will affect law enforcement across the state, including police departments at public universities.

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Police Department will be able to ask students about their immigration status, according to the bill. The campus will also be subject to the new rules for federal detainers.

One student, Abraham Diaz, said he’s six days away from graduating. He said he’s in the country illegally.

“We built a trust between campus police and the undocumented community, minority communities, and now we know that we have to double check now what we report or what we don’t report,” he said.

Diaz said he’s in the country under the DACA program.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to the university about how they’ll implement the changes at the campus police department.

They said they’re waiting on the UT system to issue guidance.

A campus spokesperson said after getting those instructions, they’ll be able to explain how things will be changing.


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