Cartels Fight Over Miguel Aleman Territory

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MIGUEL ALEMAN, TAMAULIPAS - A cartel operating in Tamaulipas is pushing its boundaries east into Miguel Aleman.

It appears to be settling into the territory previously held by a faction of the Gulf Cartel. 

Cartel del Noreste holds the Nuevo Laredo and Nuevo Leon smuggling routes.

They are moving toward Miguel Aleman.

Local and state authorities say they're taking action. 

Convoys of the CDN were reported moving into the city.

The tension erupted in a daytime gunfight this week.

It appears the new cartel is settling in, says former FBI agent and CEO of Fontes International Consulting, Art Fontes. "The information that the CDN now has control of Miguel Aleman."

He explains the newly-acquired territory will likely be challenged. "Cartel del Golfo is attempting to gain that territory back," he added.

Miguel Aleman Mayor Servando Lopez Moreno met with the governor of Tamaulipas.

He says they're largely dependent on help from the higher levels of government.

"The authorities in the municipalities lack the force to be able to confront these complicated situations," the mayor explained.

The mayor attended a binational reunion on commerce on Friday.

He says the disputes in the border city ebb and flow.

Each one of those waves leaves a mark. "It affects tourism. It affects commerce. It affects investments. It affects us a lot because it creates a large echo. These negative situations impact us greatly," the mayor says.

The governor is asking the federal government to help re-establish a military checkpoint just northwest of Miguel Aleman.

They hope it helps; for now, the fight for this plaza is likely not over.

Fontes warns, "They're very active and right now it's very volatile."

The city is eagerly anticipating the governor's second visit next week when they anticipate to talk with federal authorities.


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