Children exposed to COVID-19 on first week of school, Valley parent says

By: Tanvi Varma

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Days into the start of the school year, Martin Anaya’s daughter and grandchildren tested positive for COVID-19.

Anaya believes they caught it on campus at IDEA McAllen.

Anaya says the adults in his family are vaccinated, but his grandchildren are too young. He says they contracted the virus from his daughter before they knew she was positive.

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“I have my grandkids that also have Covid,” Anaya said. “And they were going to school.”

Friday’s Covid report from Hidalgo County showed 59 students and 25 school staff members tested positive for COVID-19, with 48 children currently hospitalized.

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“They're in ICU, or they're in the hospital, I don't want to see my child or anybody else's child to be there,” Anaya said.

While IDEA says they will provide remote learning for kids who are out because of Covid, a school representative confirmed that actually hasn't started yet. Anaya's daughter is receiving packets emailed to her parents from school.

In a statement, IDEA said students must be 10 days out from a positive test or signs of symptoms - and be fever-free with no symptoms - before they are allowed to return to the classroom.


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