Community Service Agency Urges Public to Take Precautions Cleaning Up after the Floods

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WESLACO – Parts of the Rio Grande Valley remain flooded, but for many others the waters have finally subsided and now people are trying to salvage what they can.

Although, if people don’t do it properly, they can be moving back into a health hazard.

Ray Yanez, originally from Weslaco, came down this week from North Dakota without hesitation to help his daughter with recovery.

Yanez says they couldn’t just sit and wait for city or county agencies to show up; they started cleaning up Wednesday.

The Hidalgo County Community Service Agency says people need to throw away anything sitting in the floodwaters and to use gloves and respiratory masks while cleaning.

“If they're going to do it themselves, they certainly have to be very, very careful," said CSA Director Jaime Longoria.

Longoria asks for anyone cleaning up to check FEMA and the Environmental Protection Agency’s website for proper disposal tips.

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