Dogs help save missing Harlingen woman after 18-hour search

By: Christian von Preysing

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After nearly 18 hours missing, a Harlingen woman was found thanks to two dogs.

Raquel Gonzalez, 68, is back with family after she went missing Friday night.

Her family said they were worried it would not end well.

Gonzalez's granddaughter, Briana Garcia, said she likely slipped past the front gate.

"She squeezed her way through, and we don't know which direction she went," Garcia said.

A neighbor happened to spot Gonzalez laying on the ground against a house and called police.

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All throughout this 18-hour ordeal, the neighborhood dogs knew something. A black Pitbull was looking off through the distance and another Pitbull, named Lilly, stayed with Gonzalez throughout the night.

"The black Pitbull was warning us. It was crying, and we didn't know why he was crying," Garcia said. "I told my aunt, 'We need to start listening to the dogs,' and she's like, 'Let's look for the dog now.' Right when that happened, I got that message that they had found her."

The neighbor spotted the dog before he noticed the woman lying on the ground.

Before the family rushed to the hospital, Lilly got a treat for sticking with Gonzalez during the cold night. The black Pitbull was appreciated too.

"He was definitely trying to give us a signal," Garcia said. "I'm just so grateful."


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