Edinburg CISD will allow some students to return to classrooms Monday

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Edinburg CISD will allow some students to return to classrooms on Monday.

The Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District announced Friday that fifth grade students, eighth grade students and high school seniors may return to classrooms Monday with parental permission.

"Parents have the choice of whether their child attends on-campus instruction or remains with remote at-home learning," according to an announcement posted on the district Facebook page Friday afternoon.

Teachers found out about the plan on Thursday. In preparation for the switch, teachers were asked to return to classrooms on Friday.

"It did create a lot of anxiety," said Marsha Gonzalez, the president of the Edinburg chapter of the American Federation of Teachers.

The abrupt switch left some teachers scrambling to make arrangements for their own children.

"This unwise business decision left many employees overwhelmed with bringing their instructional materials back to school to prepare their room for Monday's instruction while balancing grades, benchmarking, lesson plans, Google classroom and securing child care for their personal children and providers for their loved ones," the Edinburg AFT posted on Facebook. "Furthermore, parents were left with the task of figuring out how to navigate Asynchronous instruction while working from home and proving for their family's needs."

Edinburg CISD is preparing for all students to return to classrooms on Nov. 30.

"Through phone calls, text messaging, emails, school board members, and state representative Terry Canales' office, the district changed their position and announced this afternoon that they would allow teachers to work remotely from home until next Thursday with an additional workday to prepare for the last phase of the district's re-opening plan that is scheduled to begin on November 30th," the Edinburg AFT posted on Facebook.


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