Email Scheme Claiming to be from DHL Reaches South Texas BBB

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WESLACO – A non-profit organization said fraudulent emails and calls targeting personal information are making rounds in the Rio Grande Valley.

Dolores Salinas, regional president of the Better Business Bureau in Weslaco, said two questionable emails landed in her inbox. She said both stated she had missed a package delivery.

“I checked the email and looked at the different addresses on the email. And in one address, I noticed it had arizonastate.edu which I knew DHL wouldn’t use that type of addresses,” she said.

Salinas wasn’t expecting a package from DHL or any other service, so she contacted the company. During the call, she heard a prerecorded message warning people about the scheme.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS learned DHL sends packages through the U.S. postal service. The service warns customers to be aware of phony messages.

“Our biggest concern is more on our consumers, protecting them from being part of scam,” U.S. Post Office postal inspector Stephanie Houston said.  

Houston said if anyone feels they have received a fraudulent email about a package they can alert their local post office. The company will then alert law enforcement.

DHL representative Richard Mints said anyone that receives a suspicious email with its address should forward it to fraud.alert@dhl.com


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