Employee Missing Paycheck from Closing Home Health Company

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WESLACO – A Rio Grande Valley home health company is going out of business and clients want to know why.

Home health provider William Weber said he is contracted with Fey’s Home Health in Weslaco but hasn’t been getting paid.

The company told CHANNEL 5 NEWS that they're going out of business.

Patients, like Tammy Taleno, said they didn't know the business was closing until their providers didn't get paid. She said she relies on help from Weber every day.

“He does everything for me, everything. We're talking laundry, sweeping, mopping floors, cooking, cleaning, everything,” she said.

Weber said he started working as Taleno’s provider a month ago. Last week, his direct deposit check didn't go through.

“They don't know what happened to the money. Apparently, the bank accounts are frozen,” he said.

Taleno said she called Fey’s Home Health and was told that nobody, including the office workers, is getting paid.

A CHANNEL 5 NEWS crew was told to leave the Fey’s Home Health office after waiting for 45 minutes in the lobby last Friday.

On Monday, we called the business again. A Fey’s employee couldn't give an official statement but said the business is indeed closing.

The employee said only the owner could give us more information. We're still waiting on a phone call back from the owner.

Weber said he switched to a different home health company to continue taking care of Taleno.

Taleno's insurance company told her there was nothing they could do because they sent Weber's pay to Fey's Home Health.

Count on CHANNEL 5 NEWS to update you when we get more information.


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