Experts share tips to control and avoid mosquitos

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Rain in the forecast this week could lead to more mosquitos, and while it may be hard to get rid of them, there are some things you can do to keep them under control.

After days of heavy rainfall, experts say thousands of mosquitoes have reached the adult phase, and now they’re hungry.

A combination of standing water, damp areas, and warm weather will allow mosquitoes to breed continuously.

Owner of Bugworks Pest Control, Kyle Marburger, says if you’re struggling with pesky pests, make sure to get rid of water in rain gutters and potted plants.

UTRGV Biology Professor Christopher Vitek says wearing light-colored clothing and using repellent at least 20% deet also helps.

Officials Valley-wide are gearing up to decrease the mosquitos population.

To find out if crews will spray for mosquitoes in your neighborhood, contact your city for more details.


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