Family says goodbye to frontline worker from Brownsville who died after contracting coronavirus

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A Rio Grande Valley family praises the heroic efforts of their loved one.

Marco De Leon, a traveling nurse from Brownsville, caught COVID while on the front lines in New York City.

His family said their final goodbyes on Thursday.

Marion McGlory and Sandra Cazares recall what it was like growing up with their cousin, Marco Antonio De Leon.

They say their cousin lived in Matamoros with his mother.  He had recently taken a job as a traveling nurse, working at different hospitals in Brownsville. 

But then he responded to a different call far from the Valley.

It was in the middle of March, right before the virus raged out of control across the city.

His cousins say in the middle of May, De Leon began developing COVID-19 symptoms and contracted the virus himself.  

He would never recover.  

Though they're grieving the loss of their beloved cousin, Marco's family says they understand the importance of taking care of yourself amid a pandemic.

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