FBI Launches PSA Aimed at Stopping Border Corruption

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WESLACO – The FBI is launching a new campaign asking the public to report corruption on the border.

The FBI said every day drugs, weapons and people are smuggled illegally across the border. They call it a threat to national security.

The FBI said public servants who are supposed to protect the borders are turning a blind eye.

Now they need the public’s help tracking down the corrupt officials. They said stopping border corruption is their number one priority.

Catching corrupt border officials isn’t anything new for the FBI. They arrested someone who allowed a drug trafficker to bypass security at a Buffalo airport.

The FBI also arrested a federal officer who accepted bribes to allow people and weapons to be smuggled across the border near San Diego in 2013.

He was sentenced to five years in prison.

The FBI said it’s important to report cases like that because it is uncertain what the intentions of these people are.

Dozens of Texas border law enforcement officers are behind bars for turning their backs on the badge.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS’ media partner, The Texas Tribune, compiled a list of border law enforcement in Texas and across the nation who’ve done the same.

In Texas, 50 officers turned to corruption and almost half call the Valley home.

Anyone can report corruption by going to tips.FBI.gov.


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