Fiesta de Palmas implementing changes due to COVID-19

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Due to the coronavirus, this year’s Fiesta de Palmas will implementing new safety protocols.

Here are some of the changes visitors can expect: 

• Every visitor that isn’t family or groups of friends must be at a safe distance from one another.

• Only close family members will be able to purchase a space in front of the stage for $40 and will be limited to eight people per space. 

• Each group will be separated by 10 feet. 

• Food trucks will serve drive-thru style and curbside. 

• Some live performances will be streamed online, to avoid larger crowds.

Visitors can also expect face coverings, temperature checks and one way pedestrian traffic. 

Alberto Alcazar, a promotor for First Row Promotions said he didn’t think anybody was prepared for a situation like this.

“I think we’re learning, reinventing ourselves and modifying what we would do normally do,” Alcazar said.

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