Harlingen CISD School Impacted by Flooding

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HARLINGEN – Recent flooding in the Rio Grande Valley left one Harlingen school with almost eight inches of water inside.

Robert Finner says he's lived on Madeley Avenue in Combes for the past 45 years.

He says last week's flood left Dishman Elementary School unrecognizable.

Finner says his four kids all attended the school; he's never seen the building damaged like it is now.

"This is probably the first time we get that amount of water inside our household and the school consequently also had the same problem," he says.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke to Combes Mayor Marco Sanchez.

He confirms that the area where Dishman Elementary is located flooded more than others.

"Dishman Elementary is very important to us. We'll do anything we have to do to make sure our school gets taken care of," says Sanchez.

The marketing coordinator for Harlingen CISD, Brianna Vela, confirms Dishman Elementary got almost eight inches of water inside.

Vela says it is too early to know how much it will cost to repair the damages.

She says the elementary school will be back up and running by the time the school year begins.

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