Hidalgo Co. Woman Concerned Smuggling Activity Taking Place in Neighborhood

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WESLACO - An Hidalgo County woman is worried about what is happening on her block.


She says she thinks her neighbor is taking part in illegal activity.


At first, this was going to be a story about a contractor who was accused of not finishing a repair on a flood damaged home.


CHANNEL FIVE NEWS went over to the resident with the flood damaged home to hear what happened and about the work the contractor they hired was supposed to do. 

They told us the contractor didn't finish repairing the flood soaked floors and failed to level the house.


We went to track down the contractor and found his home in an Hidalgo County neighborhood. 

We arrived and were approached by someone in the area with a very different story. 


She told us someone living on her street is holding illegal migrants on their property; she sees them come and go.


"Eight to ten people in the morning, there was another group early in the morning. A big group left, took off".


She says what she witnessed, on a regular basis, is a huge concern for her.


The activity she pointed out is smuggling.


The woman wants to know if there is someone who can help her.


We reached out to Border Patrol to see how someone can report this type of activity anonymously.


A spokesperson for the group, Dustin Araujo, says Border Patrol has a line where you can remain anonymous at 1-800-863-9382.


He says this type of activity should be reported by concerned neighbors.

It could be a danger to them and it could be a danger to the immigrants themselves


"These migrants are held in horrid conditions without any running water, electricity. And, with the summer months upon us, the high heat does pose a significant risk that the migrants aren't provided the proper resources", explains Araujo.


He adds anyone who sees suspicious activity involving illegal migrants can call their local authorities or just dial 9-1-1.


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