Honduran Family Seeking Asylum Faces Challenges at Port of Entry

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HIDALGO – Thousands of foreigners are crowding U.S. ports of entry to seek asylum.

A Honduran family tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS the reason they are seeking asylum is because they were threatened.

One family member says men who dressed as police threatened the family to leave or “face consequences” after killing her husband’s cousins.

The family fled at a time where immigration judges are no longer considering fear of gangs as a reason to grant asylum.  

They say they split up to prevent being separated at the port of entry, but they were still impacted by this new policy, as well as another turn of events.

KRGV’s Valerie Gonzalez followed the family from Mexico to the McAllen-Hidalgo port of entry as these events unfolded.

Watch the video above for the full story.


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