HOV: Obesity Could Lead to Cancer Risk in Women

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WESLACO – Diabetes is just one of the many complications that comes with obesity.

Women need to be aware of another factor that can put them at risk for cancer.

“I did not recognize myself and I started crying. I had not realized I was in denial, how much I had gained,” explains Aida Patino.

Patino says she was nearly 350 pounds seven years ago and decided to make changes to her life.

She was also hypertensive and had high cholesterol; she learned obesity also creates other health risks in women.

“Two things that are important, one is fertility and the other is cancer... There is a direct correlation between fatty tissue that produces estrogen and has proven to be a concern with breast cancer in women,” explains Dr. Luis Reyes.

He says obesity in women is also linked to colon cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer and ovarian cancer.

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