HOV: Uninsured Patients Cutting the Cost of Diabetes

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MCALLEN – Diabetes is difficult to manage mentally and physically, but also financially.

Bills add up quickly when you consider doctors appointments, medications and medical supplies. 

El Milagro Clinic in McAllen provides resources to make the fight against diabetes a little bit easier.

About 96% of the patients at this clinic are uninsured but are still able to get the help they need.

KRGV’s Gabriella Garza spoke with the clinic’s executive director, Marisol Resendez, to learn more about the programs offered.

Resendez explains more than half of their patients are diabetic, obese or overweight.

Medication may seem out of reach for uninsured patients but the clinic is there to help patients suffering with various illnesses.

Watch the video above for the full story.


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