Illegal Burning Caused Grass Fire in Weslaco

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WESLACO – Authorities said they know what caused a grass fire near a Weslaco residential area. The blaze prompted the evacuation of nearby residents.

Authorities said the initial call around 4 p.m. was for a grass fire burning in Mile 11 North and Mile 4 West.

Hidalgo County Fire Marshal Investigator John Franz said two barns and two mobile homes caught fire. He said a neighbor’s home was also affected.

Franz said the fire spread so quickly it caused Mile 4 1/2 West to shut down temporarily to give emergency personnel access.

Multiple agencies responded to the scene including fire crews and EMS from Elsa, Mercedes, and Weslaco.

Franz said the person illegally burning had a permit but was burning materials not allowed outside the allotted time frame. He said those items were roofing materials.

There are no reported injuries.

The person responsible for the fire was given a citation. It’ll be up to the courts to decide the amount he has to pay in fines. 


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