Invasive Plant Could Cause Damage to Homes

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WESLACO- A certain vine is rooting up problems across many parks across the state. The Cats Claw vine not only kills off native plants but can damage homes as well.

The Cats Claw Vine is native to central and south America. Experts say once it claws onto something it has a tough time letting go. The Cats Claw vine has made it's home in the Estero Llano Grande Park in Weslaco.

Jose Uribe works at Estero Llano Grande. He says the Cats Claw can create a huge environmental impact. Melissa Jones with Texas Parks and Wildlife says it can even grow on homes. 

"We try to kill it and not rip it off the trees because it could hurt the tree. I would think that for your roof or for your house as well. If you would pull that off it could damage the house," Jones said.

Uribe says they have to treat it multiple times in the spring and fall just to keep it from rooting deeper into the park. He says the best method to take care of the vine without casing damage is to cut it and use herbicide. 


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