Judge Raises Bond Deposit for Wife of Valley Doctor Accused of Healthcare Fraud

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MCALLEN – The wife of a local doctor accused of misdiagnosing patients for profit will have to wait a little longer before she’s released on bond.

Meisy Zamora, wife of Dr. Jorge Zamora Quezada, went before a federal judge Thursday. She is requesting to be released on bond prior to the beginning of the trial.

The government attorneys argued they believed she was a flight risk and could flee to Mexico to live comfortably.

Zamora’s legal defense argued she has a child she would not abandon or uproot by such a move.

They said even if she were to leave, the government could always extradite her and freeze her assets.

The judge allowed her release, but increased the cash deposit to $40,000 from $25,000.

The judge also granted the government a seven day stay of her release while they file another motion to argue against setting her free.

For now, Zamora and her husband remain under federal custody.

The trial is set to begin mid-September.


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