Knife Company Sends Refund Check to Client

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BROWNSVILLE – A Brownsville man said he’s tired of waiting around for a product refund.

Resident Ernesto De Leon ordered a set of knives from Ronco Holdings Inc. in 2015.  

“I opened the box and looked at one or two of the knives, and it wasn’t what it was supposed to be,” he said.

De Leon said he wasn’t pleased with the products.

“So, I just wrapped the thing up again and took them back to UPS the next day and returned them,” he said.

He said he hasn’t received a refund almost two years after returning the product.

“I’ve got my proof of returns from UPS… All I want is my money back,” he said.

The company initially told CHANNEL 5 NEWS they couldn’t find his original order.

After giving them the information, they said a return check for $119.07 was being processed and would be sent to De Leon.


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