La Grulla Cemetery

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LA GRULLA – Law enforcement found two campsites that were hidden in a La Grulla cemetery.

The cemetery is located near the river in a small area known as Artesitas. "It got covered with brush and trees, and nobody could get in there. You almost had to crawl in," said Benito Saenz.

Many family members said they were afraid to go to the cemetery, because they were worried about smugglers hiding there.

Saenz organized a cleanup. On Saturday, almost 90 volunteers gathered to make the cemetery more accessible.

Law enforcement on hand told us they discovered two campsites once the brush was cleared. They said the high brush and proximity to the river were perfect cover for illegal activity.

Once the cemetery was cleaned, volunteers were focused on finally seeing their relatives’ grave sites.

One of the volunteers, Lorenzo Ortiz, was at a loss for words when he saw the cemetery cleaned. "I couldn't explain to you. I'm sorry if tears come to my eyes," Ortiz said. "We couldn't even find my dad's tomb when we first came over. On and off, we came every three or four months."

Ortiz's grandmother, uncle, niece and several cousins are also buried at the cemetery. 


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