La Posada Providencia Expects to Receive Less Immigrants

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SAN BENITO – A Cameron County shelter said they’re expecting to help fewer Cubans seeking legal asylum in the U.S.

La Posada Providencia is a shelter that takes in people from many countries that are going through the asylum process and have nowhere to stay.

La Posada Providencia coordinator Alma Rock said people typically make claims that they’re being prosecuted for religious or political beliefs.

“Really some of them can’t live in Cuba anymore. There’s restrictions that they have in place. Some of them are just going hungry,” she said. “They can’t live like that. They don’t have any liberty. That’s what they’ve been expressing to us.”

Rock said the center has taken in 33 Cubans from July to November of last year. The number is expected to dwindle following Obama’s administration latest announcement.


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