Local Attorney’s U.S. Citizenship Case Load Increasing

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WESLACO - More people in the Rio Grande Valley are seeking U.S. citizenship, according to a local attorney who said his case load is increasing.

Mexico is also using social media to encourage their citizens to get naturalized.

A new U.S. citizen said the uncertainty of the new administration made him decide to get naturalized.

Naturalization begins with an oath to uphold the Constitution and to defend the country if needed.  It’s a promise Cesar Abanto De La Rosa made two weeks ago.

“I felt accomplished to be honest. I felt good because it’s something that I worked hard for,” he said.

De La Rosa, of Peru, moved to the U.S. when he was 12. He said his family immigrated under the E2 visa for foreign entrepreneurs.

Legal permanent residents often have to wait between three and five years to start the process for naturalization.

For the exam, De La Rosa studied 100 questions but he would have to answer only five. It was topics he remembered from middle school.

De La Rosa said he finally obtained his citizenship 20 years after coming to the U.S.

McAllen immigration attorney Lionel Perez said he’s seeing more cases like De La Rosa.

The Mexican consulate located in Brownsville is also reminding their citizens above a certain age that they can get a U.S. citizenship without taking the English test. They are also encouraging them to become dual citizens.

De La Rosa said his next step is to petition citizenship status for his mother.


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