Local Boaters Concerned about Dangers in Water following Fatal Accident

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UPDATE (3/5): State game wardens report the autopsy for Benito Garza was completed Tuesday morning.

The results will be sent to the Justice of the Peace, who requested the examination.

Investigators say the preliminary investigation show Garza collided with a day marker near the Adolph Thomas Park pier.


ARROYO CITY – Boaters in Arroyo City claim there’s danger on the water following a deadly incident.

On Friday, a boating accident took the life of one victim.

It happened near a day marker. The Coast Guard manages these markers, which help control traffic.

“It guides them to stay in the middle of the channel. That’s basically the purpose of them, keep you in the middle of the channel away from shoal water,” explains Paul Jones from the Coast Guard.

KRGV’s Christian von Preysing spoke with fishing charter captain Carlos Cochran. He says he knew the man who died in the accident.

He explains he was experienced and even a fishing guide – he can’t believe this would happen to him.  

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