Local lifeguard provides tips to stay safe while swimming

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According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, 20 children in the state have died in drowning incidents this year.

According to a news release from DFPS, these tragic accidents can be prevented with awareness, preparation, and proper supervision.   

One local lifeguard and swim instructor says she's witnessed how fast a drowning can take place - even in relatively small amounts of water.

"If there's not a lifeguard on stand and nobody to watch you swim or another adult present I wouldn't get in the water, especially if you're not comfortable," Michelle Bishop said.

Bishop also says it’s important not to overlook the depth of the water - especially for anyone who wants to get in but may not be able to swim.

"There's little signs that say two feet, four feet, six feet, 12, feet, so you want to make sure you know the depth and what depth you're comfortable with," Bishop said.

The American Red Cross is also encouraging people to take safety precautions around their pools with several tips such as:

securing your pools with barriers
staying within arms reach of children 
checking the water first thing if a child is missing.

Bishop says although objects like pool noodles can be fun - they should never be used as a floatation device since they can give people a false sense of security 

If you or your child are not strong swimmers - it's never too late to learn.


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