Local Residents Receive Letters From CBP about Property Access

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RIO GRANDE CITY – Residents along the Rio Grande say they received letters from U.S. Customs and Border Protection asking for access to their land.

Rio Grande resident Yvette Gaytan says she received a second letter warning CBP will file an action in federal court to gain access to her land for assessment and surveys.

Gaytan says she already awarded access.

“I signed it and gave them written permission to come in. My phone number and all my contact information so they could let me know when they were going to come in,” says Gaytan.

Gaytan’s neighbor Nayda Alvarez says she also received a letter, but didn’t grant access to her land.

Alvarez says she does not support the border wall and expected the letter.

KRGV’s Christian Colón spoke with local attorney Ciro Ochoa.

Ochoa urges those who received letters from CBP to seek legal help.

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