Mail Carrier Pays McAllen Woman for Missing Packages

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McAllen- A woman says she ordered packages but never received them and is now she's out $300.

Ruth Walters has filed claims after her packages went missing. She says the United States Postal Service isn't reimbursing her instead her mail carrier is.

Walters receives packages every week. When her package didn't arrive on April 24, she never imagined she'd be waiting for them a month later. She said the postal service said they delivered them but she says they were not. Turns out, they were delivered to a different street.

The post office carrier went to the other house where the packages had been misdelivered but the homeowner said they never received any packages. Walter's husband then went back to the post office.

"They admitted it was their fault that it was misdelivered then after two weeks, we were told that the carrier was going to have to be responsible for paying us," Walters said.

Walter said a mail carrier knocked on her door and handed her an envelope with $50 money order inside. She says she was never notified who, when or how much she would receive for her lost packages.

We wanted to find out those answers and contacted Arlene Sanchez. Sanchez is the communication specialist for the United States postal service in Texas. 

She issued us this statement: "The postal service strives to provide outstanding service to all of our customers. We regret those isolated incidents where we do not meet our customers' expectations. In this specific case, we extend our apologies to this customer for any inconvenience they may have experienced. The postal service is currently working with the customer to address their concerns. One option for customers when mailing items with us is to purchase insurance for their packages to protect against loss or damage."

Walter says USPS General Manager for the McAllen sector has reached out to her and told her USPS could not reimburse her because the vendors who she purchased the packages from did not insure them.

The postal service reminds customers that if they are experiencing issues with their mail service, they should contact their local post office, visit their website USPS.com, or call 1-800-ASK-USPS.


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