McAllen business affected by lack of truck drivers

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The high market demand for drivers across the country is trickling down to small businesses, like the Toy Trucking LLC in McAllen.

"The industry is growing so much, there's a lot of demand that there's not many truck drivers enough to meet the high demand of the industry," said The Toy Trucking LLC Logistics Coordinator Anakaren Rios.

Rios says while her team of drivers works around the clock moving big shipments of produce to the west coast, they've been short drivers for a couple of weeks.

According to the American Trucking Association, the industry is a little over 80,000 drivers short.

Truckers, a vital part of commerce, are responsible for moving 71 percent of the nation's goods.

Even though Texas leaders are opening Texas Department of Public Safety offices to truck drivers on Saturdays to apply, renew or replace their CDLs—including the Edinburg location— Rios believes it may not be enough.

While officials with the Truck Drivers Association say there's no “single cause" of the driver shortage, they're reporting that over the next decade, the industry will have to recruit nearly 1 million new drivers to replace retiring drivers and those leaving voluntarily.


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