Meteorologists Advise Residents to Prepare for Hurricane Season

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BROWNSVILLE - August is the official start of peak hurricane season.


New hurricane forecast numbers from Colorado State University and NOAA are out this week.


In 1961, Hurricane Carla hit the coast of Texas and changed a Brownsville resident’s view on hurricane season.


"All of the houses were all damaged, there was no funds, I think, in those days", says John Strubelt,


Strubelt says since then, he keeps an eye on the weather once June comes around.


National Weather Service Warning Coordination Meteorologist, Barry Goldsmith, says the majority of named hurricanes form starting in August.


Think about past August events, like hurricane Bret, and the infamous hurricane Harvey.


"Harvey almost came out of nowhere, it had been a weak tropical storm racing through the Caribbean and then it was a wave as it moved northwest", explains Goldsmith.


A weakening El Niño event could mean changes later this month.


Colorado State University’s new forecast calls for a slightly increased number of named storms with 14, seven of them becoming hurricanes and two becoming major hurricanes.


Barry Goldsmith says not to let these numbers fool you, take advantage of the quiet periods now and prepare.


NOAA will have their mid season hurricane forecast out this Thursday.


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