Mission Police Advise on Active Shooter Situations

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MISSION - The Mission Police Department explained the steps customers, clients, and public should take when approached by an active shooter situation.

Mission police officer Heather Schrock explains the public should be aware even before an active shooter walks in.

“You should have a plan of action as soon as you walk inside, look for  your main entrance doors. Check to see if there's an exit, look for windows. Pay attention to everything going on. Try not be on your phone," she says.

Officer Arturo Flores also showed us how to hide in the bathroom.

"I mean try to get as low as you can to the floor, if he does, rounds, he's going to shoot from here, so you want to get as low as you can, you can lay down this way here but as low as you can to the floor," he says.

For more information watch the video above.


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