New Policy Prevents Asylum Seekers from Using 'Credible Fear'

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WESLACO – A new policy means more asylum seekers will stay detained.

The new Attorney General announced the immigration policy change Wednesday.

Immigrants who come into the country and show a credible fear will no longer be able to ask for a bond like they did in the past.

Starting in 90 days, all single adults will be held in detention.

KRGV’s John Paul Barajas spoke with immigration attorney Jodi Goodwin. She believes this is going to hurt federal agencies.

"Detention centers are going to fill up. They’re not going to know what else they're going to be able to do... The court dates are going to be backed logged... And, we're back to square one," she says.

Goodwin explains immigrants are usually in detention centers for about two months, but this new ruling could have them there for years.     

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