NWS Meteorologist Explains Damage Assessment Process

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MISSION – The Rio Grande Valley was hit with multiple thunderstorms the past two days.

Some of those storms caused damage in Willacy and Hidalgo counties.

Jenice Pompa was one of the residents in Hidalgo County to received damage to her home.

The roof is completely gone and an entire wall had collapsed on Pompa.

The National Weather Service determines straight line winds are the cause of the damage.

Meteorologist Barry Goldsmith says NWS reports go through several steps after a storm.

“We look to see what the quality of the building construction is and then we will match that with what the radar and our degree of damage indicators to come up with a wind speed,” explained Goldsmith. “And then we take a number of points we can put into a data base and then we can make those public.”

Watch the video above for the full report.


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