Pastor Reminisce on Fallen State Trooper's Love for Family, Community

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MCALLEN – A hero at peace, a community in mourning.

Pastor Roberto Coronado remembers State Trooper Moises Sanchez, the man of faith who always attended his services.

His pastor says he was also a man of his word, who cared for his fellow church members, always offering help if they needed it.

“He was a tremendous guy. He was a full-hearted individual. He's always looking after others he has a heart of a servant. His family was his world, everything that they did together was for the betterment of the family and the people around him,” says Coronado.

For the betterment of his church family, from a sport coach to a volunteer, uniform or no uniform, Sanchez, also known as Moy, never stopped thinking about safety.

Coronado says he gave church members active shooter safety training for whatever might come their way.

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